From identity crisis to identity operator

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You know how unnerving it can be when your the passenger in a car and someone else is driving and you cant really relax because your not in control? You realize how much more comfortable you feel when you are driving yourself and have control of the wheel.

This is how we operate on a daily basis when we allow others to control the image that we have of ourselves. We should be in control at all times knowing how to navigate our mind and our thoughts. We go through life allowing the opinions of others to slowly form parts of who we are, not realizing that subconsciously we are not fully in control of ourselves. When you finally take control yourself and can truly be who you want to be, who your meant to be; it’s the most liberating, euphoric experience.

There is nothing more important than you taking control of your own life. Settling into your own skin. Finally being truly content with who you are. One of my biggest setbacks, was allowing myself to conform to the opinions that others had of me and fear of truly being myself and not being accepted by those around me. I began to realize that no one’s opinion of me really matters. And that the opinion of myself is the one I need to hold in the highest regard. Until you find your true identity, not the one that others want, but who you really truly are, you have begun the journey to your mental cloud 9.

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