From Mental Illness to Mental Wellness Part 1

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In these times, mental illness has always been viewed in such a negative light. And because of this, we avoid talking about this topic that affects so many everyday. Afraid of being judged or labeled “the crazy person”. Some people walk around never knowing they suffer these symptoms and just wonder why their life was so unfortunate. The problem is that we give ourselves less credit than we ought to. Our minds are powerful. More powerful than we know. You can change yourself to a whole new identity, your true identity, if you really set your mind to it. Here are some very interesting facts about our brains stated by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

1.What, where, how and the length of time we give attention to something in life, long with our repetitive thoughts form our neurological wiring

2. Repetitive thoughts create connections in the brain that quickly become iron clad. These thoughts move from conscious to unconscious ways of thinking and being. This is how we act on auto pilot.

3. The process of change requires forgetting what we know to discover new ways of being. Regular meditation practices accelerates the achievement of this goal and produce visible positive results.

4. Learning something new requires considerable energy and our undivided attention. Consider when you first learnt to drive a car, the level of attention you possessed compared to that of an experienced driver who is primarily operating on auto-pilot. We have the ability to alter who we are with every new piece of information that we learn. By combining this new information with practical application, a new experience is brought to life. We invoke greater levels of change, the more we repeat this process.

5. Our life-long repetitive negative thoughts are significant contributors to stress and disease within the body. Stress causes us to live in ‘survival’ state which negatively changes our internal state and exhausts our body. In turn, generating adverse responses including: anger, depression, misery or confusion. When we are in this state, it can be likened to behaving like a bird trapped in a cage or a prisoner held captive, we fail to see the possibilities for our life. This is how people become ‘stuck’ for their consistent emotional state is highly addictive resultant of the production of neurochemicals.

6. To change our reality and heal our bodies the secret ingredient lies in making up our mind to do so. We have the ability to fully recover and change our external circumstances exactly like those patients who are told they would never walk again yet to do so, sport stars suffer from irreversible injuries yet fully recover, or those who have suffered a life-threatening cancer and a few months later it is no where to be found. They understand the secret is having powerful intention, believing they have the power to change their circumstances, loads of determination and the will to create what they want in life.

Our minds are powerful and only we can harness or unleash that power. Only you can begin to make the change. I suffer from borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. I let these things control my life. For a long time, I walked around thinking that all the events in my life were because of the people around me and what they had done. Until I had my actions pointed out to me, and I chose to take a good long hard look at myself, I realized that there were a lot of emotions that I was not in control of. They actually took control of me. I had to make the difficult decision of confronting myself. Of dealing with my ugliness, my weaknesses, my barriers, my past. I didn’t want to walk around in a mental fog anymore. I wanted something different this time. True happiness. In myself, in my relationship, in everything I put my mind to do. I will go a little more in depth with the steps it took and is still taking me to overcome those ugly clouds in our lives that keep us from our ultimate cloud 9.

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