Repeat Offender? Elevation or Degradation?

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Making a mistake is something we all dread doing. We know that along with our slip-ups comes regret and consequences. What we fail to see is that some mistakes we make are here to help mold us and make us better for our next challenge. It’s about how you want your mind to perceive it. Taking control. You can use your mistakes to build you or tear you down.

Beginning a new journey to change your mental state and be a better version of yourself comes with it’s fair share of mistakes. Believe me, I know this first hand. I am very critical of myself, so making mistakes can be particularly hard for me to deal with. Until I started looking at all the different mistakes I had made from a different perspective, I began to look at the lessons that I learned from each mistake that I made. I chose to begin looking at my mistakes as my building blocks for the new better me instead of choosing to ask why me?

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Our mind is a muscle that requires daily exercise and needs to be fed with the right nutrients. We control what we put into our brains and have to learn to filter through what we allow in. In order to change your perspective on life, you need to learn to focus on the positive. Surround yourself with positive influences and understand that you can not change your circumstances but you can change the way you perceive them. Being around negativity keeps your mind in an imprisoned state and doesn’t give your mind the room to grow.

As my personal journey continues into mental wellness, I am discovering a whole new side of myself and so can you. You must realize that you have been given the greatest gift. Your mind. Many times you may feel that your mental disorder may be a “curse”, but when you stand back and look at the bigger picture, you realize that your “curse” is actually meant to be a blessing to help others. To show others that your minds can be your greatest obstacle and that there is nothing more satisfying than learning how to control and discipline your mind. Once you are able to achieve this, nothing is impossible.

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Each of our personal journeys are unique in the sense that we all learn different lessons from every experience in life. You must use these experiences not only to catapult you to the next level, but to share that experience with others who may not have been enlightened in the same way. Finding ways to elevate your minds to unknown levels can be a scary time because you are forced to deal with elements of yourself that you have avoided confronting. But once you free yourself and continue to seek elevation instead of degradation then you will begin to open a new portion of your mind that you never knew you were capable of. A new progressive version of you. Your change begins from within and it all lies in the power of your mind.

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