The Beautiful Side Of BPD

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“Having BPD is like having a Ferrari with bicycle brakes, and these bicycle brakes are simply not strong enough to control such a powerful engine.”

Dr. Hallowell

Being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be scary. Especially when mental disorders have carried around the stigma of the person being seen as “crazy” or “mentally unstable”. But there are many positive traits that come along with BPD. The best way I heard someone explain BPD, is that we are born emotionally intense, sensitive and gifted with heightened perceptivity. Like powerful sports cars, in the right condition, and with the right care, they can be high performing, yet they were never taught how to run such a powerful machine. With the right treatment and care, your BPD can prove to be nothing more than a gift.

Many of the same traits you have a hard time controlling, can turn out to be your strengths when handled correctly, It all begins with that shift in your brain that tells you, that what you have been doing is not working, that it’s time to try something new. Time for you to want something more out of life. Knowing there is more out there for you to chase your dreams.

Those of us who experience the symptoms of BPD know first hand how hard it can be to regulate your emotions. But once you learn to control them and use mind over emotion, it begins to change your life. Here are some of the positive traits that come with having BPD.

  1. Observative with body language/Keenly sensitive to body language-Because we experience up and down emotions and see the reactions on our own faces. We are much more able to recognize the expressions on the faces of others. Especially negative emotions.
  2. Highly empathetic and sensitive to negative feelings in others-We can easily sense sadness and negative emotions in another person right away because of our own experiences and emotions.
  3. Highly creative-High intensity emotions can be quickly turned into creative genius and have someone release emotion that way. Many with BPD have amazing talent.
  4. Passionate & Emotional-When someone with BPD loves, often the love is very deep, they are highly committed and loyal. Although there are struggles with attachment and fear of abandonment. There are strong manifestations of love. With emotions in check, being lively and witty become dominating qualities.
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Having BPD has it’s fair share of bad stigma, but we must destigmatize these ideas that those with a disorder are crazy and unstable. We need to show the world that our disorder is actually a blessing, a trait that makes us more in touch emotionally with others. Remember, it all starts in our minds. If we think positive and see our mind as a machine that needs to be tuned up, continuing to fill your brain with what is necessary to keep it progressing. Only then will your mind be high performing.

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