Controlling my 365

This last year has been a year mixed with almost every emotion possible. We don’t realize how big of a change one year can make. When I look back at where I was at this time last year-going through a divorce, health problems, losing my home, financially strained, mentally upside down. I can honestly say that 1 year ago, I found myself in despair, thinking that life could not be any worse. I had mentally fallen into a pit, a pit that I knew crawling out of was going to be the fight for my mind, my heart and my soul… life.

One year later, I have only begun to tap the surface of what God has in store for me. I have set in motion an amazing journey of finding myself and learning to fully love myself. Flaws and all. I see my worth and my capabilities shining through. I always knew, deep down, in the midst of everything, that I was here for a reason. Clearly, many times I didn’t know what it was and even began to lose sight of it, but something kept me holding on. It was for these moments. If sharing my story can bring hope that someone else can find comfort and relate to my story and be inspired to change, then I have served a purpose. Now, I can truly enjoy the benefits of healing and restoration by sharing it with others.

We tend to underestimate the power of our mind and the resilience that we have as humans. If there is something that I know, it’s that God made us so exceptional and because of all the bumps and bruises that we face in life, we begin to forget just how important and valuable we really are.

Let me explain to you the way I see life. Imagine a steel worker given the task of making a sword. When the steel worker is first given the metal, it looks dull, boring, not much shape to it. There the metal needs to go through a process where it is heated up (put under pressure), because only when it is in extreme heat can the sword be banged and bumped to be molded to what eventually will be its true form. During the process, the sword looks ugly and deformed, being bent and banged every which way so that in time it will form a sword.

But with all the banging going on, you begin to focus on the different shapes the sword takes as it is being molded. All the while forgetting about the swords true purpose. Having a strong steel sword that will be used to defend you from the enemy. We are the same way. In life, we are presented with challenges that put extreme pressure on us, but those are the moments when God is trying to bend us and mold us into shape. Ultimately making us the weapons that were meant to be. Strong, durable, protecting swords that are to go out and win the toughest wars.

Do not be defeated!

The hardest part of this process is going through the heating and banging. Taking the hits of life always impacts us in one way or another. One very important lesson that I have taken away from all of this is that perception is everything. The way you choose to look at life is very detrimental to where your path will go. If you choose to look at life as a setback, then that is exactly what it will be. But if you choose to look at life as a challenge to your next level, then life will be just that. A step to the next bigger better you. You have the control and the choice.







We are presented with choices everyday. It is how we choose to look at these choices. Knowing that every decision we make affects the next step. Leading to what could be your next biggest breakthrough. It is never too late to truly think about the next choices that you make in life. Each choice is a step closer or a step farther from where you truly want to be. If you want to watch videos dealing with these types of issues and more, visit my site on YouTube, MentalCloud9.

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