Finding Faith In My Fog


Confidence in what we hope for & assurance about what we do not see

In my dark place

As I look back and think about the lowest times in my life, the times when I felt like I couldn’t go on, in the places where my faith was truly tested, that is where I found the strength to go on. My faith became a place to draw inspiration from, to give me a reason and a purpose to continue. Where are you drawing your strength from when life gets to hard to bear on your own?

Faith is a word that we don’t often talk about, but deal with on a daily basis in every moment of our lives. Every morning that we wake up, we have faith that we will have breath in our lungs and the strength to make it through the day, without truly knowing if we will even make it home that day. You see, we operate on faith.

Operating on faith

The fact that we go about our day, never knowing what to expect, shows how much we operate on faith. We plan our day going about our normal routine without truly knowing what the day has for us. Yet we continue our days without a second thought. Faith keeps us moving.

Having faith helps us to know that although we can not begin to see or understand our disorders, they can be used for a greater purpose. People around us display this everyday by showing us that if we truly believe, anything is possible. I have a strong faith in God and that is where I draw my strength and my inspiration.


Knowing that He created me for a special purpose. Gives me faith and hope everyday to strive for better. Knowing that as long as I put my everything into what I do and seek wisdom everyday. There is nothing I can’t do. Everyone has their own form of spirituality. Whatever that may be, use it to always push you forward.

When you feel like giving up, use your faith to envision what you can not physically see. To know that we all have a purpose in this world. We were not born just to live and die. We were given this life to experience it in a way only you can. Then use your journey to inspire those travelling a similar road. Helping others have a rough draft as to how you maneuver through life given their circumstances. To be an inspiration. For more information on spirituality and mental health

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