The One Cent That Made Sense


Nowadays, you can find them randomly scattered about-on the streets, the sidewalks, in your car or your pocket. Pennies. We usually never give them a second thought. But when you have 99 cents and desperately need to make $1.00, you realize how valuable that penny can really be.

Coming full circle

Having a mental disorder can sometimes make you feel like that random penny. We’re scattered in different places but hold such hidden value. It is known our disorders are created as a way for our minds to be protected from all the abuse and trauma that we dealt with in some way, shape or form.

We are not given manuals on how our minds are going to handle trauma. Although it seems that our disorders make us unstable and crazy, When we learn to control our minds and use our experiences to motivate others, we begin to understand the value we bring to those around us.

The hope we ignite within those who suffer the same. We allow others to find hope. Maybe alone, we do not have a great voice to help destigmatize mental disorders. But when we are united as a community, we give a voice to the lost. We become that perfect dollar….


In society, those of us with mental disorders have been looked down upon for many reasons. Media, being the number one reason. The media has always represented mental disorders in a negative light. Portraying those with borderline personality disorder as very emotionally unstable and dangerously aggressive. As seen in the movie- Girl, interrupted with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

Movie on Borderline personality disorder

Because of this we are undervalued. Looked upon as dispensable. What others don’t realize, is that like everything else in this world, we serve a purpose. That underneath that not so shiny coating, when cleaned up and cared for, we shine just as bright if not brighter than any other coin.

It was thought before that many mental disorders did not have a cure. We now know this is not true. Our minds are capable of healing themselves with the right practice. It is a muscle that only needs to trained and strengthened everyday. When you learn to understand it and slowly learn to control it, you realize that the mind is much more powerful than you think.


Many people may see those with mental disorders as crazy or lost. But I truly believe that we were given something special. Something that we still don’t clearly understand. But once we grasp a hold of it, we become much more sensitive to others and we can share our gift with the world.

We still add value. Coming together as a community of voices, adds value. Our stories are a collaboration of experiences meant to help and uplift others. A bunch of pennies, coming together to add cents to what does not make sense. Creating that perfect dollar.

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