***Thoughts On Paper***

5 months of blogging

So I have been blogging for about almost 5 months now. I have found this to be such a great way to not only share my journey into mental wellness and finding myself, but have found it as a great way to connect with others who share the same passion of writing and mental health. I have come across such inspiring stories and writings since beginning my blog.

When I first thought about starting with blog writing, I thought it would be a good way to start a collection of thoughts as I embarked on this new journey. I never imagined that I would love it this much.

Most of all, it fills me with hope seeing so many others going through the same issues as myself. Knowing that there are other people’s journey that you can learn from. This has been a great year of growth for me, not only in finding myself but also in my writing.

I feel blessed that I am able to put my thoughts on paper and express what I can not always express in spoken form. Being able to let my mind find ways to express itself is beautiful. Seeing that there are others who have the same form of expression is inspiring.

We are made to believe that if our life isn’t perfect and happy, that there is something wrong with you. I beg to differ. I believe that true beauty is found in the broken, hidden side of us. Where our true identity lies.

When we go through life and allow it to mold us and shape us through our trials and our achievements, when we truly become the person we are meant to be, that’s where true beauty is displayed. Not in perfection, but in imperfection.

Community support

I am grateful and thankful for all the support and wonderful comments that I have received on my blog. I am thankful that God gave me the talent and the skill to put my writing to use. It is my escape, a place to let creativity flow. I can only hope that others are inspired by my story as much as I am inspired by others.

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