Before The Trigger Is Pulled

Knowing your trigger


Going to the shooting range and practicing on my aim and my shot has always been a fun pastime for me. As I sat and thought about the anatomy of a gun and what is needed to pull the trigger, I began to think of how certain things also cause my own triggers.

Just like in a real gun, in order for the trigger to be pulled, the hammer has to be cocked back, the hammer then strikes the percussion cap or firing pin to ignite the propellant and fire the bullet. In the same way, my thoughts can act as the the hammer that strikes my mind and triggers my explosion of emotions.

Self Aware

Beginning to understand that everyone has triggers and everyone has something that sets them off, helps me know that I am not alone. Not in how I react, but how I feel. More than anything, I am becoming more aware of what my triggers are.

The key in helping you find the source of your trigger is becoming more self aware of the moments when your triggered. Every trigger has a hammer that strikes. Recognizing what sparks your anxiety, depression, anger, etc. will help you avoid letting these feelings get out of hand

Whatever it may be, be fully conscious of what is beginning to ignite your spark. Is it your surroundings, a specific person or situation, a thought that got your mind racing. Knowing what is triggering you is the best way to avoid being triggered.


We are all triggered by different things in life. Whether it be trauma from childhood, or trauma brought to us later in adulthood. Knowing exactly what sets you off is detrimental to your recovery. Because only in knowing what makes you tick can you avoid getting to the next phase. Recognizing and preventing is what will ensure that you keep your emotions in check.

I am conscious that I am going to make mistakes along the way and not always hit the mark that I am shooting at. But just like with target practice, it is just that…practice. Until I can be an expert at what I do, I will continue to focus on the techniques that will assure me that I hit my mark every time. Without giving up.

Learn and understand your triggers

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