Rooting myself within myself

What are you rooted to ?


I am amazed at how God created this world in such a way that he uses the environment around us to give us hints of how our lives should function. This concept applies to something that may seem so insignificant to us. Something as simple as a tree.

We can think about how a tree is born. We start the process by imagining our brain to be the soil that we have been given to plant in. Our thoughts are the seeds that are planted in the soil. Slowly these thoughts begin to take root deeper and deeper. The outcome of this process is exposed in the visible part of the tree.


Roots begin creating pathways through our brain (the soil) that eventually extend out to different parts of our body. These pathways are created by different events and traumas that we experience throughout our life. As these pathways are formed, they begin to affect us physically.

As we continue to feed and nurture the negative pathways they begin to become deeply rooted. Our self image becomes distorted and we are no longer happy with the reflection we see in the mirror. These negative pathways are created by many things. Our environment, our family, social media, news, television, entertainment industry, ourselves and the list goes on and on.

Just like actual roots on trees, our thoughts are naturally drawn to what gives least resistance. Negativity. It takes more work to be positive. Roots in trees are much the same. They are drawn to the water source with least resistance. They will not grow through a rock but find the soft fluffy dirt to grow through.


Tree roots serve multiple purposes, like the roots in our minds. Let’s look at the different functions:

  • Absorption-the root tips absorb water and mineral from the surrounding soil.

Like the roots, our minds continue to absorb what we feed our minds. They continue to absorb what you water it, the more negative you feed it, the more negative you become. The more positive you feed it, the more positive you become. What surrounds you also feeds you. Make sure you are surrounded by positive influences.

  • Conduit-the roots also conduct water and minerals up into the leaves and into the trunk to feed the leaves

Like the roots serving as a conduit, so does our mind work the same. Our roots feed our physical body, how we feel, and the moods we are in. This negativity begins to show physically. Our health begins to deteriorate and our mind begins to find different ways to cope. Which at times can rupture and poison our brains and our bodies. Creating disorders.

It is important to always be aware of what we are feeding our bodies. Where are your roots pulling from? Knowing that you are, what you surround yourself with is detrimental to your mind and body.

  • Anchorage-One of the most critical roles roots play is anchorage and a good, healthy, and well-developed root system will anchor a tree for many years.

In the same way, the most critical role that our roots play as well is keeping us anchored. We just need to find those exceptional qualities within us that are worth anchoring ourselves to.

Keeping ourselves anchored to the right positive parts of us will only help develop a well rooted system for our body, mind and spirit. This is what will keep us going for years to come. Find the positive within you and it will begin to feed every part of you.


Life is full of choices. What we do with those choices can be made by no one other than ourselves. Seeking to not be like the roots only in the sense of not finding what offers less resistance, but striving to push forward in the times of obstacles. Knowing that sacrifice will anchor you and keep you steady in the challenges ahead. Fight to always stay anchored.

Remain anchored in positivity

3 Replies to “Rooting myself within myself”

  1. Yes absolutely we are the author of our own life story. And we have to keep in mind we will never give up. So beautifully written πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ Loved to read it. Well shared ☺️🌹


      1. Hey please don’t say this. You are also very good writer.Keep writing πŸ™‚πŸŒΉ. God bless you πŸ™‚ stay happy always ❀️❀️☺️🎊🍫🍭

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