Yayyy Me!!

Celebrate the small wins!!

Learning to celebrate!

I realize that dealing with any type of mental illness can be draining and tiring in so many ways. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I tend to be hard on myself when I find myself repeating certain behaviors. Which in turn makes me feel more depressed and anxious.

One thing that I often fail to do every day is, to celebrate the little wins. It has taken me a year and a half journey to realize that I need to celebrate the little things. When you begin to focus on what you are doing right, it takes away from fixating on the negative.

Now, I am going to tell you that this was not something easy for me to do. It has taken me many failed attempts. But little by little, every time I made even a small step forward, I made sure to celebrate my win.

Now, celebrating wins can be different for everyone. For me, it means spending extra time focusing on myself. Going out on a nice quiet walk, or anything that focuses on my self-care. It’s very easy to forget how important you are and how much love and care you really need to give yourself.

Train your brain

Our brains are like any other muscle. It just needs to be re-trained and re-conditioned to build new pathways. It all starts with learning how to gain control of your mind and repetitively doing the opposite of what you are used to.

This has been particularly hard for me, but with baby steps have been able to overcome many obstacles and grow from them. I am filled with hope when I see so many stories of everyday people like you and I, overcoming the crazy, challenging things that life throws at them.

I believe that there is nothing that separates us from those who are famous or successful, except true discipline and determination. Nothing in life comes easy, you have to work at everything. Whether it is a job, relationships, children, or learning something new. They all require you having to put in work.

Yayy me!!


I have come to understand that life will not throw you a challenge that you can not handle. It all begins with how you choose to look at each situation. You have to be willing to stand up to what you are confronted with. Even if it takes baby steps. Then celebrate your win!

We may not always have someone there with us because for most of this journey it’s meant for us to spend a lot of time with ourselves. But learn to be your own best friend. Fall in love with yourself again. Be your own biggest supporter.

This will help to begin that shift in your mind of turning the negative into positive. As you slowly work on changing your mindset, your brain will begin to create new pathways. Pathways that will cause your brain to react differently than what it has been used to doing.

We know that there are many situations where medication is needed along with the retraining of your brain. That is okay also. Whatever is needed to get you on the right track to being able to fully enjoy the life that you are living.

You are worth putting the work into because you have value. You were made with a purpose. If you put in the work, it will definitely pay off. When you feel like giving up, look deep inside yourself and find your self-worth, and know that you are worthy of every ounce of work you put into yourself.

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