My personal Chrysalis (Transformation stage)

Not too long ago, I began to read an article about butterflies. I read about the different stages that a caterpillar goes through to become an adult butterfly. I had read this many times before and studied it in school. It’s not until you have a different understanding of life that you begin to see how God teaches us important lessons through the nature he created around us.

The stage a caterpillar goes through to enclose himself in a chrysalis and become a butterfly is the pupa or transformation stage. We can apply these things to our own lives if we just take a closer look at how this small yet beautiful insect goes through its transformation.

Here are a couple of interesting facts regarding the transformation stage from pupa to butterfly:

  • Transformation begins in adult stage
    • Like humans, we dont fully understand what we what we truly want out of life until our adulthood.(even then, it’s difficult). The caterpillar waits until it is full grown and can not grow anymore to begin a different type of transition.
  • It finds a separated safe place to begin it’s change
    • In order for change to take place within yourself, you must take the time to separate and disconnect yourself for a moment from everything and everyone that your used to and find your secure place that will keep you safe as you transition.
  • The caterpillar begins to hang upside down to prepare for the chrysalis to be formed
    • Like, the caterpillar, when a big change is going to take place, it is important to change your position (perspective). You need to see things from a different point of view for things to begin to change.
  • The caterpillar encloses itself from the world to begin transformation
    • In order for us to begin transformation, we have to be able to shut down everything around us and spend time alone with yourself. To truly experience your transformation, you need to do it alone. The chrysalis protects the caterpillar from being infected during this process. You also need to protect yourself from everything that will hinder or ultimately stop your growth.
  • Inside the Chrysalis, the body of the caterpillar completely breaks down except for some small pieces, in order for the new body to rebuild.
    • When we go through complete transformation, we let go of everything that infected us at one point, everything that held us back from growing, except the few unique pieces that make you you. The rest goes through a full transformation that will bring forth the bigger better you.
  • The timing for your transformation is unique to each person
    • Transformation is unique to each person. We all have our own issues that need to be dealt with. You know your timing. You know when you will be ready to come out and face the world. Don’t be in a hurry. Good things take time.
  • When your transformation is complete, take your time to take in the changes before flaunting them.
    • Many people make changes in their lives to please others, so for some change is not completely genuine. Therefore not making it enjoyable. When you make changes for yourself, you take the time to bask in your changes, to enjoy the new you before everyone else gets to discover the new you.
  • Others will see your inner changes in your outward beauty and confidence
    • Now, when I talk about outer beauty, I don’t mean the physical beauty. I mean beauty that resonates from within, that gives you that boost of confidence and glow that envelops you on the outside and is felt from those that are around you.

I am genuinely amazed at how much life changes when you put on a different pair of viewing glasses. Changing your perspective and learning important lessons from the very nature we live amongst is eye-opening. I am amazed every day at the new wonders presented to me with each new day.

Change is inevitable. Whatever way you choose to grow is up to you. The important part is to take the time to find yourself by yourself. Take the time to understand you, love you, value you, and know that you were created with a purpose. Once you find that, you have begun the transformation that will continue to only lead to the most excellent version of you.

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