Readjusting and recalibrating

Readjusting-adjust or adapt to a changed environment or situation.

Recalibrating- to adjust precisely for a particular function again

Being a photographer, I understand the importance of keeping your equipment clean and ready to go on the day of your special event. I also know that from time to time, my cameras need to be realigned and recalibrated. The settings need to be reset to make sure that everything is working properly.

You would usually not associate the words realign and recalibrate with the mind but would think of it more like what we do to a camera or a car. But don’t be fooled. These two things are necessary for the human mind to evolve and adapt to the things happening around you.

We are by human nature, people who become used to a routine. We allow ourselves to get into this comfortable space and keep ourselves from growing outside of that space. But our minds are so much more intricate than we think. Much more complex than we understand. More powerful than we imagine.

Our thinking patterns can adjust in so many ways. The world around us changes daily, and we constantly see and hear new things. Our senses revitalize with new smells, new tastes, and new sights. Our mind takes these new things in and finds a way to process them. As we take new things in, our mind learns to adjust to all the changes.

I have learned along the way that we all need to give our minds the chance to readjust. Our world is quickly changing, and everything around us moves at 100 miles per hour. Our minds become tired and restless from all the constant change.

In these times, we all seem to yearn for that mental paradise. A place with no worries or stresses. A place where our mind can rest and relax. It is up to you to create that paradise for yourself.

We can not stop life from happening. It is going to continue doing what it has to do regardless of what is going on. So it is not about stopping the things that are going on around us but how can we realign and recalibrate our minds to be able to deal with what is happening around us?

Readjusting highly depends on perception. Readjusting requires you to see things from a different perspective so that you may change the way you once saw your situations and bring them into a new light mentally.

Being diagnosed with BPD, anxiety, and depression was a big eye-opener for me. Many times we allow our diagnoses to become the one thing that defines and excuses our behavior. I chose to look at my diagnosis in a different light.

I have heard many people say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what if you know that something is broken. Then you fix it! I chose to see my diagnosis as a starting point of where to fix my brokenness. A platform to elevate myself knowing what was wrong with me. I recalibrated and realigned my thinking.

Growth begins when you mentally see yourself improving daily. Not being perfect and never making mistakes. But in being aware of those mistakes and those triggers. Learning to love yourself enough to not let the emotions or actions of others cause you to lose character.

You can choose every day to be a better you. Not because you are perfect, but because you have chosen to fight to attain higher. Your mind is resilient. Perception can have you create new pathways in your mind. Pathways that only lead up and not back down.

To recalibrate your mind, you must choose to align yourself precisely with the function you were intended for. Speak life into yourself and see how your confidence slowly begins to emerge. Begin your journey to reach your mental cloud 9.

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