Forgiving is for giving me healing

We have all heard the saying “it is better to give than to receive.” I can honestly say that this statement has never been more accurate, than when it comes to forgiveness. Not only is it good for the soul, but it also brings mental rest.

I have dealt with my fair share of trauma since childhood and know firsthand how hard it can be to forgive those who had their part in that trauma. Letting go is easier said than done. But not impossible…

There came a time when I felt so weighed down. Mentally and Physically. I knew something had to change. I was constantly thinking about those who hurt me. It was like carrying sandbags in my mind. Something had to change.

The word forgive comes from the original word “Salahh,” which means to lift and remove. That’s exactly what I needed. To forgive, to lift, and remove. And not only remove, but replace. With joy, happiness, love, and ultimately peace.

As I went through the process of learning how to forgive by writing down every person who had ever hurt me and making a letter to each person without sending it. I tore every letter after writing it, symbolizing my letting go.

While learning to forgive others, I came to a realization that has changed my life to this day. I had learned and was willing to forgive those around me, yet I had not learned or even accepted forgiving the one person that mattered most. Myself.

I had never learned how to forgive myself for allowing me to go through the pain and hurt that I went through. As time went on, I slowly accepted responsibility and accountability for my actions. It began to change my perspective on life.

Suddenly, I began to feel something I had never experienced before. True peace and healing. And it felt satisfying in a whole new way. I finally understood that I had made some bad decisions in my past, but I could not let that define me. I had the choice to make more conscious decisions and take back control of my mind.

Many times we have to learn to “lift and remove ” the shame of our past decisions and choose to “put on” a new you. One that has full control and can make a decision to overcome your tests and turn it into your testimony for others to see a glimpse of hope. We must let others understand that although we are all broken in some way, with forgiveness we can begin to heal one another and continue to use forgiveness as an elevation for our mind, body, and soul. To give yourself the healing you deserve.

2 Replies to “Forgiving is for giving me healing”

  1. Forgiveness is important for our own health. Have grown to realize it takes a lot less forgiveness when I practice trying to understand people. End it requires a lot less forgiveness when I change my thinking, and become less upset in general.

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